Mount Luther:  A Place Set Apart

Dear Parents, Campers, and Friends:

We welcome everyone to come experience our programs!  Regardless of where you are from, what you look like, or whether you go to church or not we want you to experience Mount Luther!  We are in the mountains, nearly surrounded by the Bald Eagle State Forest where you will see wildlife as you visit our trails, campsites, worship sites, fields, pool, and pond.  We provide well-trained staff to lead you and are accredited by the American Camp Association.  This means that we meet the highest standards of the camping industry, including safety. But what is more important about the camp experience is the changes you find after you return home.  Camp gives a legacy for your life; so, consider all the growth that could happen:

  • Grow socially.  At camp, social interactions are important.  We practice small group camping, with a cabin of boys working with a cabin of girls and their counselors. We model how to treat one another when you meet someone new.  We expect good group living skills as we build communities.  We teach conflict resolution when disagreements occur.  You will probably leave here with new lifelong friends and memories of how to work and live together in healthy ways. 
  • Grow physically.  At camp, we do a lot of stuff outside and are active all day.   Our food service staff provides meals that are nutritionally balanced.  Rest time is encouraged each day.  We also model how to effectively use leisure and recreation time.  When you have free time at home, maybe you’ll remember your time at camp and want to be outdoors, playing in nature.  Recreation can be re-creation for our bodies, minds, and souls.
  • Grow mentally.  At camp, real learning takes place.  When on the field of play, you’ll learn sports skills.  At crafts you’ll learn techniques such as hand/eye coordination.  You’ll have opportunities to meet staff and campers from places and cultures that are different than their own.   You can try new things and gain some knowledge and skill in areas that you have not yet explored.  Camp is also great at developing leaders.        
  • Grow spiritually.  At camp, we believe that faith is caught, not taught, so we spend time Gathering and Reflecting On God’s Word through readings, songs, games, and demonstrations.  Camp can change your relationship with God and can make your life even better than you imagined!  Our program is faith-based so what we do is grounded in experiences to strengthen your faith and give you the ability to make choices in life based on a set of core values. 
Look through this brochure to learn more about our adventure, base, classic, day, extreme, and family camps.  We have something for everyone!  If you are a returning camper, I hope you’ll consider bringing a friend who has nevChad Hershbergerer been to camp.  Make sure that if you have a cabinmate request, you put it on your registration form.  We assign your cabinmates based on your program, age, and your requests!  See you this summer!

Chad Hershberger, Executive Director

Open House
New campers should plan to join us on Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 12:00-4:00 p.m. for a Spring Camp Festival and Open House.  You can ask questions, tour camp, and see what it’s like to be a camper!  First time campers who are not yet registered for the summer and who attend the event can get a $25 discount on their summer registration!  More details will be shared on our website at!  You will need to buy a ticket if you want to eat at our fundraising meal that day, so please check the website to see how to register!