Added Fun and Games

Night Hike:  With an adult, grab a flashlight and put on a jacket. Wait until the sun sets and go on a night walk through your neighborhood! Letter Time:  Write a letter to a member of your extended family. Address the envelope, add a stamp, and mail it! Photo Hunt:  Use this worksheet to take […]

Nature Time Extended

ROCK HUNT:  Head out with a grown up or sibling. Look for any interesting rocks. Sketch it out or take a picture. Complete the rock hunt worksheet. Tie-ins with this Summer’s Curriculum: Nature Yoga  ADDED 4/3/20 (need Pads or a flat space where kids can comfortably sit on their knees) Adapted from Christie Burnett, “Yoga […]

More Crafts

CRAFTS: ADDED 3/19/20 An idea from Camper Claire Hershberger.  Get some bandanas around the house and see how many you can use to make new clothing items.  Claire is shown here with some of her creations, including bandana shoes, belt, headware, and skirt! Faith Family Tree (need card stock or other thick paper, such as […]


FAITH FIVE: Nightly at camp, our counselors do Faith Five with our campers (  Faith Acts in the Home is a simple, easy-to-implement faith practice, perfect for incorporating into your bedtime routine for five to fifteen minutes a night.  When done over time, the FAITH5TM carries the power to enrich communication, deepen understanding, aid sleep, […]