A Restorative Day

By Ruth Gates Recently I started a day at Camp Mount Luther with breakfast at Pine Lodge and finished it as the moon rose over Pine Cabin 3. It was a restorative day from beginning to end. Not only for me but for Pine Village. Let me explain. Lately I have been thinking about Camp […]

Why the Reformation Still Matters

By Jim Vitale   Next Tuesday is Reformation Day. And here in the Lutheran Church we talk a lot about Martin Luther. We mention him in sermons; we study his writings; we talk about his history; we have even named our denomination after him (which, incidentally, he would be mortified to learn). But why? 506 […]

Are You Enough?

By Jim Vitale   “You are enough.” You’ve all probably heard those encouraging words. “You are enough.” I see them just about everywhere these days. On bumper stickers, decorative signs, videos, and tattoos. I’ve heard it in sermons, TV shows, and even from the mouth of my own therapist. “You are enough.” It’s meant to […]



By Jim Vitale Most people put cars in their garage. I have two tons of dirt in mine. That sounds like the beginning of some dark confession, but I assure you the reality is actually quite tame. While my family and I were living in our previous home in beautiful Beavertown, PA, we spent a […]