How to Read the Bible: Part VII

Part VII: How St. Ignatius read the Bible By Jim Vitale Do you ever wish you could have met Jesus during his earthly ministry? Do you ever wish you could have been a fly on the wall when David killed Goliath, or helped Solomon build the temple in Jerusalem, been on that boat with Jonah, […]

Grieving Thomas

By Jim Vitale At first, I didn’t understand what I heard. That fact: he had disappeared; the rumor: he was dead. On a cold Sunday morning in late February, I sat on my living room floor frantically phoning anyone I thought might know something. Finally, the wife of one of my professors answered. “Is it […]

Teaching and Innovating

By Chad Hershberger Occasionally on these Friday posts we explore different qualities of good leaders. In this post, we look at how good leaders are both teachers and innovators. Teachers Part of being a leader, I think, is being a teacher. As someone who leads others, you need to use teachable moments to get the […]