I love you, Nicole

By Chad Hershberger “I love you, Nicole.” A term of endearment became scary words on Sunday night to the Bussin’ Boys of Maple 2. Some campers in that cabin sleep better with a stuffed animal so Cabin Leader David went and got some from the craft lodge. One was a cute koala bear. After the […]


By Jim Vitale So much of our anxiety and conflict comes from unspoken and unmet expectations. What if there was a way to clear some of those expectations up? That’s what executive director Chad Hershberger and I spent much of the winter months wondering. This year during staff training we started something new: a summer […]

Preview: 2024 Week 6

By Chad Hershberger Every year, I usually have a grand experience in mind when it comes to our summer schedule. This year, it is Week 6, called “Create-a-Camp.” We have opened camp that week for any age, for any length of stay. You can come for a day, a few days, to a mini camp, […]