Camp Mount Luther is a year-round ministry providing resources and experiences in faith formation, worship, recreation, and intentional Christian community for all ages.  Our vision is to cultivate and integrate strong partnerships between Mount Luther and all expressions of God's church.  At camp, all can experience:

M usic and Worship
O utdoor Adventure
U nconditional Love
N ature Education
T errific Food
L utheran Tradition                                  
U nlimited Fun
T op-Notch Staff
H igh Safety Standards
E xploration of God’s Word
R enewal of Self

Since 1963, Camp Mount Luther has served the church and the community as a source for outdoor ministry and education. Whether a summer camp program, a school environmental education experience, or a youth or adult retreat or conference, Mount Luther has been the year-round setting for growth and learning about environmental concerns and conservation, living together in community, and appreciating the wondrous creation given to us in the midst of a wilderness setting. We welcome all to use our facilities and take part in programs.

The camp's goal is that each person who participates in our programs shall be renewed and strengthened in faith through their encounter with Jesus Christ in a camp setting. Children, youth and adults learn, worship, witness and serve within a Christ-centered tradition. Our staff tries to set a good, Christian example of respect for one another.   We hope our participants will experience God, nature, and service.



Experience God: Camp Mount Luther offers a safe place apart from the world that renews and strengthens faith through experiences with God. We are committed to serving and being in partnership with the interdenominational, interfaith, and broader community. We live in an intentional Christian community largely based on small-group camping. We provide a staff trained in providing a safe emotional and physical experience for participants to grow in their faith. Activities that help that include worship, meditation, music, team building, Bible study, faith discussions, devotions, prayer, and other ways of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Experience Nature: God has given us much to care for and therefore we promote environmental education, stewardship, a love for the outdoors, and recreating in God’s creation. This includes regular nature activities, recycling, outdoor education, and teaching the “Leave No Trace” ethos to participants. You’ll participate in outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, camping, campfire programs, hiking, sports, nature study and crafts. Mount Luther is a place for simplicity, relaxation, fun, freedom, and responsibility.   You’ll enjoy living simply without the distraction of television, video games, cell phones and technology. You’ll sing, pray, splash, and run. We encourage Christian and effective use of outdoor leisure time and promote good sportsmanship.

Experience Service: Camp Mount Luther is a place to be yourself and belong. Created as children of God, we strive to improve participants’ sense of self-worth, helping them discover their identity and vocation. We promote that participants will find their voice and most importantly, listen for God’s voice. Through that discovery, we promote service to others and Christian hospitality. We encourage participants to live a life of discipleship and Christian leadership. New friendships are made and service-learning activities are explored.