We are excited to premiere an all-gender cabin option in summer 2024 for all programs!


Providing more choices for housing allows us to accommodate campers in safe, welcoming, and inclusive spaces. Everyone who comes to camp has unique needs and this is another way we can provide experiences to meet our campers’ needs.

We encourage guardians to have the discussion with their camper around which cabin options fits their needs and comfort level. Your preferences will be used in cabin assignments.

You can choose to opt into up to two (2) housing options. Select only the option(s) you are comfortable being housed in this summer.

  • All Female
  • All Male
  • All Gender

When determining cabin assignments, we defer to the housing preferences that are specified on the registration form.

Who can live in all-gender cabins?

Anyone who opts in! All-gender cabins are great options for campers who identify as non-binary, for campers who want to bunk with a friend who feels safest in an all-gender cabin, or for campers who feel this is the best fit for any reason. Siblings or cousins of different genders who want to bunk together may enjoy staying in an all-gender cabin as well.

Who will be the counselors in the all-gender cabins?

Counselors are asked before the start of the camping season which cabins they are comfortable leading and sleeping in just like campers. The all-gender cabin will be supervised by a staff member whom the camp has deemed appropriate and up to the task. If a male counselor is managing that cabin, then a female counselor can be available for those female campers who need to talk to a counselor of their same gender. All our staff aged 18 and older undergo background checks, interview screening, and multiple references are checked.

How will you handle privacy, changing clothes, and sleeping in an all-gender cabin?

The same way we do in all cabins! All campers and counselors (regardless of cabin assignment) are required to change in private. All cabins have a changing tent. This ensures that campers in these cabins have access to privacy while getting dressed throughout the day. Staff are trained to respect and maintain the privacy of campers and to reinforce a culture in which campers respect one another’s privacy.

What about showers and bathrooms?

Our living areas have common shower and bathroom facilities: one for boys and one for girls. Campers in the all-gender cabin can use whichever bathroom they feel most comfortable using. If a camper desires a more private shower and bathroom, they should alert staff who will work to accommodate them.

Camp Mount Luther is in the process of building a new bathhouse that will provide more private and gender-inclusive shower and bathroom space. If you would like to donate to this project to help it become a reality, please contact our Foundations for the Future Campaign Coordinator at barb@campmountluther.org.

Will you be asking campers and staff to share their pronouns during introductions?

Campers and staff are invited to share their names and pronouns during introductions; however, campers and staff are not required to do so.

Won’t gender-inclusive cabins encourage romantic relationships?

There is no way for us to say that romantic relationships cannot occur at camp. That was true before incorporating gender inclusive practices and will remain true. Camp does continually practice ways to ensure that if romantic relationships develop, they are safe, healthy, and minimally physical while at camp:

  • Campers are not allowed in each other’s beds for any reason at any time.
  • Campers are supervised and if they are not directly supervised staff have been told where the camper is going and will check-in if they have been gone for more time than whatever activity they are doing should require (ie. grabbing a sweatshirt, going to the bathroom).
  • Forming romantic relationships is often not a priority for campers; most come to camp focused on the jam-packed day of activities keeping them busy rather than seriously pursuing a romantic relationship at camp. This does not change because of the gender make-up of the cabin.

If you have any further questions about our All-Gender Cabins, or our welcoming policy, 
please contact chad@campmountluther.org or call 570-922-1587.