The Cosmic War

By Jim Vitale Nothing grows that sin has not withered. Nothing lives that sin has not killed. Nothing gleams that sin has not tarnished. God looked upon creation and saw a blight stretching its diseased hand over all things. Sin, like a cancer, growing so deep into the world no scalpel could cut it out […]

Camp as Calling

By Chad Hershberger When I was about eight years old, one Sunday during Sunday School, we heard a presentation about Camp Mount Luther. I knew that kids from my church in Lewistown had gone there before. I don’t remember much about the presentation, but my interest was piqued. For weeks, one of our Sunday School […]

How to Read the Bible: Part IV

How to read the Bible Part IV: Inerrant? By Jim Vitale If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on Christian websites, reading comment sections on Christian YouTube videos (I highly discourage doing this), listening to Christian radio, or browsing a Christian bookstore, you’ve probably encountered the claim that the Bible is inerrant. Perhaps you’ve […]

Penitence? No thanks!

By Jim Vitale What is the point of Lent? This is a question I come back to year after year. Why do we observe this dour season of reflection? So this year I did some research. Lent has been around almost as long as Christianity itself. Early on, people who desired baptism into the Christian […]