Worship at Camp Mount Luther

By Chad Hershberger This article was originally posted to the ELCA blog on August 1, 2018 Sitting along a lakeshore, enjoying the quiet breeze of summer, kids intently listen to a pastor talking about the reach of God’s love through Jesus Christ. The pastor tells them that sharing God’s love will reach far, just like […]

Are You Ready?

By Jim Vitale Are you ready? Or the Boy Scouts might ask: are you prepared? In Matthew 25:1-13, Jesus tells us a parable about 10 bridesmaids who are preparing to meet a bridegroom before a wedding feast. We are told that five are wise and five are foolish. They all grab their lanterns and walk […]

Picking a Site

By Chad Hershberger When it was decided that a new camp would be built for the Central Pennsylvania Synod, synod leaders went to work to find a new site. Ultimately, the grounds of Mount Luther were chosen based on its centrality to the north-central parts of the synod. A facility was built that those leaders […]