Camp Mount Luther's New Captial Campaign is underway!

Improving Our Welcome

Camp is many things for many people: a physical retreat from daily life to nourish mind, body, and spirit; intentional space to engage with friends and God’s creation; time for contemplation and learning about who God is and who we are as children of God. For more than 60 years Camp Mount Luther has worked to provide programing and facilities that welcome people of all ages and faith backgrounds to gather together for all of these reasons and more. 

We’ve made progress, but there’s more to be done. Over the years, some of CML’s well-used facilities have become inhospitable, inhibiting potential guests from participating in camp programs and retreats. The  bathhouse, which has served thousands of guests over decades of use, is sorely lacking privacy, accessibility, and ventilation that guests of all ages have come to expect. As it is, the poor condition of this basic and vital facility does not provide welcome hospitality. So we’re looking to build a new bathhouse worthy of today’s campers. 

Maple Hall, CML’s original dining hall, holds decades of memories for campers and retreaters. With dining hall services moved to the Evergreen Center, Maple Hall has become a multi-purpose center for summer camp and retreat activities. Relocating a new bathhouse allows for this entire building to be repurposed to invite future gatherings and activities

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The New Maple BathHouse

The current 60-year-old bathhouse has long exceeded its hospitable use. A new bathhouse facility will provide guests separate, private spaces. With guest groups of all ages, accessibility, and genders using this building throughout the year, the new bathhouse is designed with flexibility in mind. A moveable partitioning wall will allow for the building to be segmented for mixed groups and an added sink area outside of the bathroom/shower units will allow increased usability while still maintaining privacy where it is needed most. This new bathhouse will remove a significant obstacle for people who want to participate in CML’s programming but find the current facilities unaccommodating.

Maple Hall Renovation

For many years adults have expressed interest in staying at CML, but the accessibility of accommodations has limited them for various reasons. We’re responding to this growing interest in a small and sustainable way by renovating Maple Hall and the adjoining bathhouse space that will be vacated once the new facility is built.

This former dining hall will be refreshed as a large activity space with three small-group retreat units and a small support kitchen. Improving the building’s energy efficiency and layout will allow CML to host more overnight adult groups and summer volunteer families who need more modern accommodations. Renovating this building will provide space for new ministry opportunities and extend our hospitality to groups in new ways.