I love you, Nicole

By Chad Hershberger

“I love you, Nicole.”

A term of endearment became scary words on Sunday night to the Bussin’ Boys of Maple 2. Some campers in that cabin sleep better with a stuffed animal so Cabin Leader David went and got some from the craft lodge. One was a cute koala bear.

After the boys got ready for bed and were going to sleep, a mysterious voice said, “I love you, Nicole.” They turned on the lights, called out to David, and thought maybe it was one of the camper’s cameras. But it wasn’t! After awhile they finally figured out that there was a voice box in the koala, which was a custom Build-a-Bear.

Camper Miles said, “It was really scary.” This caused the boys to be up very late on Sunday night, but they enthusiastically reported the news at breakfast on Monday. They said they felt good that David was on the case!

On Wednesday, our Camel News Patrol interviewed the koala. They asked what its favorite camp activity was. No response. They asked what its favorite elective was. No response. They asked about their favorite camp food. No response. They later found out that koals, being animals, could not talk. Except to say, “I love you, Nicole.

This year, each cabin group is creating their own identity. In addition to the Bussin’ Boys, we had the 6 Maple Mushrooms (Maple 6), Camels (Pine 3), Pepper (Pine 2’s Service And Leadership Training campers) and E (Pine 4)

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