More than your typical summer job

By Chad Hershberger

At a recent Sunday visit to a congregation, I talked to a mother whose daughter is getting married in June. It’s her oldest daughter who is in her 20s and embarking on the next chapter of her life.

The bride-to-be and her sister both were campers at Mount Luther. They came for as long as I can remember, nurtured by their congregation to grow in their faith. When they were in college, both girls worked as counselors and program staff in the summer. Their history with camp runs deep.

The mom shared with me that she finds it so great that both girls still have close friends from their days working at camp. Many of those friends were part of the wedding shower recently. They get together often and stay in touch. Their bonds run deep.

I told the mom that this was not unusual. At Eastertime, I got together with friends of mine who I worked with at camp over 30 years ago. There are pockets of camp folk I know still get together often to support one another, laugh, share memories, and sometimes cry. Camp friends are friends for life!

With summer staff training starting at the beginning of June, we are still looking for some cabin and program leaders to lead our campers this year. Getting a summer job is a right-of-passage for young adults who are graduating from high school or are in college. Most times, getting a job means earning money to spend on items they need or want. But what if a job earned you more than just money?

I think that’s what a camp job has to offer. This year, we have increased the base salary for our cabin leaders to be more competitive. In addition, we provide lodging and meals all summer long. We’ve gotten rave reviews from prior staff on the food!

There are also lots of other benefits from working at camp. Leadership development is part of camp. You get real life experience in leading kids as well as being part of the overall leadership of our program. You also get experience working as a team. We are working hard this summer to provide opportunities for more skill development in group living and resolving conflict.

We provide training—of course, the normal camp training you will need to do your job but also certification in CPR, First Aid, and AED use. We will even pay for lifeguard training if you’d like to get certified in that.

You can also learn new and exciting skills that you may not have known you have. Rope course facilitating, canoeing, building teams, behavior management, and kid skills come to mind.

And probably most importantly, Camp Mount Luther is a place to grow in your faith. You can share your faith, ask questions, and experience Christ in our intentional community. As you teach Bible lessons to our campers, you undoubtedly will grow in your connection to God.

Working at Camp Mount Luther is an experience that offers skills and experiences for you and your presence will benefit us as you share your gifts with others. Few other summer jobs can match those benefits! Learn more on our jobs page!