Built in 1967, the Administration Center (commonly called the “A-Center”) has been the hearts and brains of the running of the camp.  Over the years it has housed the camp office, store, health office, camping equipment room, staff lounge and living quarters for the director and nurse and families.  In 1993, thanks to funds from the Edna Sheary Charitable Trust, a two room addition was put on the east side of the building to expand office space after the hiring of a full-time executive director.  In 2007, renovations were made to the building to create two new executive offices, a kitchenette, work room and summer program staff office.  The outside of the building was painted to match its original brown color which had been painted gray in the mid-1980s.  Renovations were thanks to a generous gift of the Mincemoyer Family and the building was named in honor of Donald and Betty Jane Mincemoyer.  Donald served as camp director in the late 1960s and early 1970s and Betty Jane was food service manager, nurse, and assistant to her husband during those days.


The field is a popular spot at camp where games are played.  It’s great for night games of capture the flag, too.  Our 18-hole disc golf course is located around the field area.


The pool is one of the most beloved places at Mount Luther.  It is used not only for swimming, but polar bear swims, worship, Bible studies and large group activities throughout the summer camping season.  It replaced the pond as the swimming site at camp.  Built in the late 1970s.  Also at the pool is the pool shed which is home to some bats and the muratic acid.  It is where we keep the pool computer which keeps track of campers who break pool rules.  Campers are not allowed in there, though.


Where Tom, our site manager, hangs out!  It houses maintenance equipment, mowers, etc. for camp.  It serves as a storage building for building supplies and the camp tractor.


Use for picnics and other gatherings.  Can be used on rainy days as well.  Great for summer family reunions, too.