Maple Village


Maple Hall serves as the central lodge for Maple Village and houses a dining and meeting area as well as the bathroom facilities for Maple Village.  Built in 1963, Maple Hall once housed the camp’s kitchen and dining area.  Maple Hall was one of the original nine buildings built at the camp and housed the main office and nurse’s station.  The roof over the dining hall leaked during heavy rains that first summer.  Many who attended camp in the early days remember the pull-down fireplace in the center of the circular part of the building.  Camp staff removed the fireplace in the mid 1970s but the brick on the floor under the fireplace remains.  In the early 1980s, the bathrooms at the rear of the building were expanded.  Here are some pictures from inside Maple Hall:


Eight A-Frame cabins circle Maple Village.  Each cabin has 11 or 12 bunk beds for campers and upstairs sleeping quarters for staff.  These cabins are winterized and available for rental during the retreat season.  The A-Frames were built when the camp began in 1963 and typically house younger summer campers.  Initially, the lofts to the second floor were open to the first floor but later they were enclosed.  The first camping season began before work was completed in all the cabins.  There were no doors or windows in place and the wood interiors were not stained.  Each morning, certain cabins had to move their beds and belongings to the outside so that painters could do their work.  All of the cabins are the originals except for Cabin #8 which burnt down and was rebuilt around 1971.  Permanent bunk beds were installed in the cabins in the 1980s to replace army-style cots.  Here is an inside view:MAPLE A-FRAME CABIN - Inside


Small staff arks house summer staff and a few are available for rental.  They are not winterized.  This ark is located near the old kitchen and was built when the camp opened by Donald Mincemoyer who would later become director of the camp.


This ark is ideal for families and is used for staff in the summer.  It was built in the late 1980s with an addition being put on in 1991.


This building is where we get our water from for Maple Village.  Campers are not allowed in here.  This building was the original craft lodge and store.