Other Places

One of the largest Black Walnut Trees in America, this is a great spot for a Bible study.  At one time, we’ve been told, National Geographic wanted to buy the land around the tree, but Mount Luther wouldn’t sell it.  Make sure no blacksnakes are hanging from the tree if you go there!  It’s also rumored to be important because its branch span is greater than its height.

Also sometimes called the “Back Path to the Pond,” this quiet trail is great for hikes and meditating!  It goes from near Maple Village all the way to the pond.  Part of the trail is also part of the Dandelion Trail which is use for our 5 and 10 kilometer trail run each Labor Day weekend.

Many memories surround this pond. Before Mount Luther had a pool, campers swam here. Many beginning paddlers practiced on these waters. Campfires reflect off the surface and the local wildlife find refreshment from our pond. Use for fishing and canoeing as well as nature studies. A beach used to be located on the west of the pond. Named Katie’s Pond in the late 1990s after Martin Luther’s wife.

You can hike to the sawmill back behind the pond or go to the road beyond the mailbox and turn right and follow it.  The sawmill is an old structure which is the place where camels first came to the area near Mount Luther!

Our nature trail which starts near the pavilion is a great place to learn more about God’s creation.  Named after longtime caretakers Tom and Wes Watters, this trail is a self-guided learning activity.  Pick up a brochure at the kiosk next the pavilion and follow the clues and trail to learn more about nature.