Worship Sites

The Amphitheatre of the Living Christ was built in memory of Rev. Glenn Heasley, former assistant to the bishop of the Upper Susquehanna Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  It seats 250 people, features an 18-foot cross and has a beautiful mountain view.  This site is used for closing worship on Fridays in the summer and has been the site of some recent weddings.

Built in 1995 by several staff members, this place of worship is located near a stream below Holy Spirit.  Follow the sign along the path to the Big Tree.  There are logs there for seats and the sound of the stream is a super background for worship and meditation.

Located down the hill behind Cabin 8 in Maple Village, this chapel is named for the creek resembling a blacksnake which runs through it. There is a chapel there as well as a fire circle. Perfect for an overnight or a Bible study. To get there, use the path west of Maple Village, but instead of going over the small bridge, bear straight ahead and follow the path.

Christmas Pines is located near the pond.  It is named because it is under a cluster of beautiful pine trees.  Not only is this a great worship site, it is a very comfortable place to sleep on an overnight.  The pine needles make a great bed!  The 5K/10K Dandelion Trail runs straight through the middle of this site.

A worship site created in 2000, it is located on the peninsula at the pond.

Located on the path at the edge of the field, this chapel has an altar and benches, perfect for worships of any size group.  The old stone altar from this chapel was depicted on the camp t-shirts in 1982.  In 1994, the wedding of staff members Andrew Weaver and Meghan Grindle took place here.

To get there, take the path at the third telephone pole from the pond. Peace of God was built by campers of Beth Hummel and George Hazard in 1989. It was officially dedicated during Senior High Week in 1989. Lumbering was done in 1996 and 1997 so it was dismantled but then, in the summer of 1997, Pastor Jim Bricker and Trinity Lutheran Church (McAlisterville)’s confirmation campers rebuilt it. A mosaic stone path, made by senior high campers of Zach Hoffman and Alesia Edelman, were added in 1999.