Welcome to the wonderful world of being your congregation’s camperson!  Thank you so much for your willingness to participate.  You provide a great service to the future of both Mount Luther and your home congregation by sparking interest and enthusiasm in outdoor ministries.  The information shared with you may seem overwhelming at first.  But remember, you are not alone.  If you need any information clarified, or any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact the camp office.  Here are some resources for you to do your job:

  • Guidelines - So what is a camperson anyway?  Click here to find out!
  • Annual Event- To be a camperson for your congregation, you must attend our Camperson Meeting.  These are announced and listed on our on the website and flyers are sent to churches about the event.
  • Summer Brochures - your congregation should receive a supply of the summer brochure in mid-January.  If not, please let us know in the camp office.
  • Presentation - Stir up excitement by having a camping presentation at your church.  You can schedule someone to come to do one or you can do your own. You can even plan a Camp Sunday and use these worship resources, based on this year’s curriculum.
  • Video - some years, we have a promotional video.  Contact the camp office to see if how you can access it.
  • Bulletin Insert- Promote camp by putting this insert in a weekly church bulletin.  Can be used on Mount Luther Sunday or the Sunday you promote outdoor ministries. Download Here.
  • New Pastors - If your congregation has a new pastor to the synod, please get them involved! Arrange a visit to the camp so he or she becomes familiar with our programs and facilities.
  • Web Resources - Flyers for upcoming events, summer staffing needs, and other helpful information are on our website.  Please look over the site and use any and all of the resources!  Here is a flyer, for instance, to recruit staff for us.