Summer Camp

Mount Luther:  Affecting Lives

Founded in 1963, Mount Luther is 400 acres of woodland near Mifflinburg, PA.  Come and encounter the beauty of God’s creation as you visit our trails, campsites, worship sites, fields, pool, pond, and two living areas of cabins.  Our site, in the foothills of the Appalachians, is a majestic landscape where one can witness the splendor of our Awesome God!

We offer a variety of year-round programming for children, youth, adults, and families; but, it is our summer program that gets most of the attention.  Why?  Because regardless of where you are from, what you look like, or whether or not you go to church we welcome you!  We invite you to come this summer and take part in our programs, outlined in this brochure.

2017 Summer Staff

At Mount Luther, you’ll make new friends and get unplugged from home, focusing on developing life-long relationships.  We do this through small group camping, where a cabin of boys and their counselor works with a cabin of girls and their counselor and forms a tight-knit community for the week.  Our well-trained college-age staff and volunteer chaplains serve as role models.  You live and play outside, eat good meals, get good rest, and use leisure time effectively.

Accredited by the American Camp Association, we meet the highest standards of the campinACAlogog industry to ensure your safety.  We provide a safe place and space to try new things.

For 55 years, Mount Luther has provided a place where campers of all ages can learn about, worship, and serve our Risen Lord.  We help you connect with God.  We are grounded in Lutheran tradition, spending time Gathering and Reflecting On God’s Word through readings, songs, games, and demonstrations.  Camp affects the lives of campers, families, and church communities.  According to the Effective Camp Research Project, campers go home and are more positive, more interested in worship, and have a greater faith in God.  Over time, camp also leads to more self-confidence, devotional practice, church attendance, and faith conversations.

If you are a returning camper, consider bringing a friend who has never been to camp.  If you’ve never been to camp, come to our Spring Open House.  It will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2018, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Learn more about our summer program and tour the camp that day.  It’s perfect for new campers who are a little apprehensive about leaving home for the first time.  First time campers who are not yet registered for the summer and who attend the event can get a $30 discount on their summer registration!

I look forward to welcoming you to camp this summer as we learn more about our Awesome God!

Chad Hershberger, Executive Director