Snowmen, Jesus and Baptism

By Chad Hershberger


Earlier this month, we celebrated the Baptism of our Lord. It comes around every year, right after Christmas and the Day of Epiphany. It’s the day the church commemorates John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River.

This year, I was reminded of a Sunday School lesson I did years ago for my kids and their church friends. We talked about snowmen and how they can help us remember God. We talked about how we have symbols that stand for or suggest something else. That is usually done by how they are related or by their resemblance.

I explained to the kids that baptism is a symbol of burying our sins and being raised to new life. We are baptized in the name of the triune God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s three in one!

And that’s where the snowman came in. I asked them if they could name something else that is three in one. A snowman! Usually, a snowman has three large snowballs placed on top of each other to form one being. I told the kids that when they see or  think of a snowman, they should think about God, the three-in-one.

We then read this poem “The Trinity Snowman” by Maureen Spell. Hopefully, the next time you see a snowman, you’ll think about God!


When you see a snowman

Three snowballs round,

He is reminding you

That in God Three in One are found.


The bottom reminds us of God the Father,

Our strong rock and foundation

The Creator of all living things,

People, tribes and nations.


The middle show us God the Son

With His arms spread open wide.

Who died on the cross for each of us

Our sins Jesus’ blood did hide.


The head reminds us of God the Holy Spirit

Who is our counselor and friend.

She speaks to our hearts and minds

Transforming us in the likeness of them.


So, when you see a snowman

In the midst of all the wintertime fun,

Listen carefully and he’ll tell you,

“Remember God is Three in One.”