A Restorative Day

By Ruth Gates

Recently I started a day at Camp Mount Luther with breakfast at Pine Lodge and finished it as the moon rose over Pine Cabin 3. It was a restorative day from beginning to end. Not only for me but for Pine Village. Let me explain.

Lately I have been thinking about Camp Mount Luther being welcoming and comfortable and what can be done to restore it where it has gotten a little tired. Where cobwebs have taken over woodwork; where holes have developed in screens letting in pests; where light is dimmed by dirt on the windows; where dust falls from curtains when moved for a pretty view during the day and privacy at night.

Thus began a project of brushing, cleaning, repairing and washing – windows, screens and curtains. Truth be told it took days. But each began with breakfast at Pine Lodge and ended with nightfall over Pine 3.

And in all that restorative work, I found myself restored. Cobwebs in my mind brushed away during the hours of quiet thinking. Holes in my spirit where pesty doubts snuck in were repaired. Vision cleared with each squirt and swipe of glass cleaner and clearer vision looking out at God’s creation. Mercies new every morning pulling fresh, bright curtains aside and God’s peace and abiding presence pulling them closed at night.

God is constantly at work restoring our hearts, our communities and our Camp. Sometimes it takes seeing where we are tired and doing something about it. Sometimes it takes serving and then realizing when we give we receive more in return. Thanks be to God for restorative days. Amen.