Day 5: Paul, Timothy, Lydia, and . . . You! (Camp at Home)

The good news of Jesus never would have survived without the first followers’ relentless travel schedule around the globe, and their encouragement of new followers. Paul, Timothy, and Lydia’s stories are recorded in the New Testament book of Acts. How can you share your faith with others? Try any of the following ideas that fit your family the best.

  • Candle Talk: Light a candle and give thanks for the people who have told you about Jesus or showed you Jesus simply by how they lived their lives.
  • Activity: Honor the people in your life who share Jesus’s light and love by making luminarias. Write the name of the person you are honoring on a lunch bag, pour sand in the bottom, place a battery-operated candle inside, and set it outside or in a window.
  • Connect: Invite your camper to share all their stories about camp. Ask questions, learn their favorite camp songs, and give thanks for the new lights of faith that are shining.
  • Around the World: Christians around the world experience persecution. Pray for Christians everywhere.

ADDED 4/3/20:

  • The Promise Is for Everyone:  Read Galatians 3:29. Have the kids work to put the verse in their own words.  Remind them that as people baptized into Christ’s community we participate in God’s work, sharing the promise of God’s steadfast love to all generations. We are called to share the story of God’s love for all people with those around us.  Invite each to identify two or three people with whom they would like to share what God means to them.   They may write the names on a slip of paper or perhaps even write a letter to them.  They should also remind the person that God’s promises are for everyone!