Created to Be Authentic

By Jessica Davis (from our Summer Curriculum)

Today, we look at the Day 2 scripture from this year’s summer curriculum, “Created to be.”

Luke 10:38–42

On day 2, campers will learn about authentic, person-centered hospitality. Read Luke 10:38–42 together and explain that it wasn’t wrong of Mary to want to get things ready for Jesus’s visit—often, doing things like cooking and cleaning can help make people feel welcome! But once Jesus arrived, he wanted her to stop working and just be with him. A big part of hospitality is simply being with people when they are alone or afraid. Another big part of authentic hospitality is asking people what they need and providing it, even if it might be different than what we would need in the same situation. Just as God doesn’t demand that we change in order to be loved, we can show hospitality by accepting people just as they are.

Candle Time: Light a candle or turn on a flameless candle. Discuss some things that have made you feel especially welcomed in the past and how you might implement or adapt them for each other on stressful days, as a reminder that even at home, hospitality is needed. You may want to sing ELW 752, “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying.”

Activity/Expanding Horizons: Discuss some of the groups of people in your community who might feel the most alone and afraid (for example, refugees, prisoners, people newly in nursing homes). Reach out to a local organization and find out how to send a letter or card to people in need of cheering up, like kids in a children’s hospital or residents in a senior care center.