Created to Be Brave

By Jessica Davis (from our Summer Curriculum)

Today, we look at the Day 3 scripture from this year’s summer curriculum, “Created to be.”

1 Samuel 17:1–50

On day 3, campers will learn how the Holy Spirit stirs bravery and courage in us for the challenges and opportunities of life. They will practice identifying and using their God-given “superpowers” to make the world a better place. They will also learn about some examples from scripture and contemporary life of kids who are boldly and bravely living out God’s call.

Candle Time: Light a candle or turn on a flameless candle. Discuss a time when you were particularly brave. What gave you the ability to be brave in that moment? What is a part of your life where you’d like to be braver? How can your family support you? You may want to sing ELW 752, “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying.”

Activity: For younger children, learn the chorus of the Veggie Tales song “God Is Bigger Than the Boogeyman.” Sing it whenever you need God’s help feeling brave. For older children, consider songs like Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb,” The Roots’ “The Fire,” Sara Bareilles’s “Brave,” or a song that makes you feel particularly brave. You can find these songs online.

Expanding Horizons: Look through a list of saints online. Pick one you are inspired to learn more about, and choose one aspect of their life or personality you would like to emulate.