Created to Be Free

By Jessica Davis (from our Summer curriculum)

Today, we look at the Day 1 scripture from this year’s summer curriculum, “Created to be.”

Ephesians 2:4-10

In the early days after Jesus’s time here on earth, his followers argued about how exactly they should carry out his teachings, especially whether followers who weren’t Jewish should follow Jewish law. A teacher named Paul explained that those debates aren’t important. What really matters is the free gift of love and forgiveness—called grace—which God gives us all.

On day 1, our campers will learn that when Paul talks about being “dead through our trespasses,” it doesn’t mean we physically died, but that when we sin, sometimes it can feel so bad, it’s almost like all the happiness in us has died. Even in those times, God knows and forgives us!

Candle Time: Light a candle or turn on a flameless candle. Discuss some times in your family when it is tempting to get caught up in fights that don’t really matter. What is a prayer you could say together when that happens, in order to help you refocus on how you are connected? Sing “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying” (ELW 752).

Activity: For younger children, read together Margaret Wise Brown’s The Runaway Bunny (it can also be heard read aloud on YouTube). For older children, watch together on YouTube Rob Bell’s Nooma video titled “Lump.” Discuss how much you love your child(ren), that nothing they could ever do would change that, and that God loves them even more than you do!

Expanding Horizons: Discuss the fact that some people are given more freedoms than others in society simply because of how they were born. Often men have more freedoms than people of other genders, white people more than people of color, and so on. What are some freedoms people have that others might not? How could they use those freedoms to help others?