Day 2:  Joseph (Camp at Home)

Genesis 45–50 tells the end of the epic story of Joseph: best known for his crazy dreams, colorful coat, and rise to power in Egypt after being sold as a slave and presumed dead by his brothers. Despite sibling rivalry, jealousy, and harmful shenanigans, God made everything good. Explore “growing through difficulty” at home. Try any of the following ideas that fit your family the best.

  • Candle Talk: Light a candle and share stories about challenging things that have happened in your family (such as divorce, job loss, death, or illness). How have these things shaped who your family is now? Where did you see God at work?
  • Activity: In Egypt, Joseph played an important role in feeding hungry people during a famine. Collect food for a food shelf or aid organization in your community.
  • Connect: Have an old-fashioned potluck where the guests bring their favorite food to share. Enjoy the culinary surprises and celebrate being together.
  • Around the World: People around the world are in desperate need of food. Connect with a global mission or disaster relief organization to figure out how you can help.
  • God Glimpses (for Pioneers and Juniors):  Kids in elementary school often have a hard time seeing evidence of God in their everyday lives. One way to help them begin to see God is to assure them that God is present in all things that are life-giving, loving, and beautiful. Look around your environment and name a few places you see God: in the warm sun; in a kind smile; in the beautiful flowers, lakes, and trees; in new friendships. Once you have given a few examples, invite your campers to add to the list. Upper elementary campers may enjoy running around with a camera taking pictures of “God glimpses.”