December 28, 2022:  Mary

Grace Frounfelker wrote “It Happened to Ordinary People” as seven monologs that retrace the events surrounding Jesus’ birth through the eyes of certain key characters. We present them here as a special series of devotions this Christmas season. This is from Mary.

I had the idea growing up that God only speaks to older people. I never expected that God would send a message to me right here in my own room, especially when I hadn’t cleaned it all week.

There stood an angel talking to me! Telling me that I would have a baby and that the baby would be the Son of God! Joe and I were planning to be married next year, but the angel said this wouldn’t be Joe’s baby. The baby would be God’s baby!

Then the angel told me that my mother’s cousin, Elizabeth, was also having a baby. Another miracle! She’s old enough to be a grand­ mother. Elizabeth and I have always been close, and I needed someone to talk to. So even though she lives three days distant, I left for Judea right away.

When I saw Elizabeth, I didn’t have to tell her anything. Somehow, she knew about my baby. God had told her! I stayed with her for three months and helped out, then I left shortly before her baby would be born.

Coming home was rough. I was obviously pregnant by now. What would I tell Joe? And what would the neighbors think? I was a little nervous. But my time with Elizabeth had strengthened my faith. I had to believe what my own eyes had seen and my ears had heard.

Telling Joe was bad. He didn’t believe my story about an angel corning to visit. He didn’t get angry or anything. But I almost wished he had. He showed hardly any emotion at all. He just got real quiet. Finally, he spoke.

“I trusted you, Mary,” he said. “We promised ourselves to each other and no one else.I even believed that you loved me. No wonder you stayed with Elizabeth for three months.”Then he ran out of the house.

If Joe doesn’t believe me, who will?

Thank you, God, for Elizabeth. At least one person believes that I am telling the truth, that my unborn child is the Son of God.

Grace Frounfelker