Kars for Kamp

By Chad Hershberger

One night, about 15 years ago, I drove out of camp on my way home and saw flames shooting from the trees at the end of the camp lane. I grabbed a few staff, and we went to investigate. When we got to the bottom of the drive, our site manager was already there. He pointed out that the fire was burning on the property of our neighbors Donna and Dan Brobst, in their woodworking building. I was relieved it was not the camp woods but saddened for our friendly neighbors.

For years, we’ve allowed local farmers to “rent” our field by Oak Cottage and mow it for hay. The farmer who had been using it retired that year, so we offered it to Dan and Donna, free of charge. Then one day, twelve years after the fire, as COVID was wreaking its havoc, Dan surprised me at my office one day with a check. He said, “I knew you would need money in these times. Here’s a donation.”

A year or so later, as COVID began to subside and things began to open up again, Dan and Donna came to see me again. They were into cars and enjoyed car shows and wondered if maybe they could organize one to benefit camp and hold it on our grounds. And so “Kars for Kamp” was born.

On June 8, we will hold our third annual event. Last year, we had 165 entrants and raised about $6,000 to benefit the camp. It’s hard to estimate the number of spectators we had, but it was a lot! In addition to the cars being displayed and judged, there are basket raffles, food trucks, music, and other prizes. Cars on display include classic cars, street rods, trucks, jeeps, and motorcycles.

Dan and Donna do all the legwork to get sponsors and prizes, and they do all the work to organize the day. They give goodie bags to the first 150 entries and get handmade prizes for the winners. We are truly blessed to have such thoughtful and generous neighbors.

My favorite memory of the two car shows we’ve held so far was during the first event in 2022. We had a man from the Harrisburg area who brought an antique car to display. He heard about the show and knew he just had to come. He was a camper here in the 1960s and on the windshield of his car, he put the photo of that week’s campers on display. I had a long conversation with him about his time at camp and the memories he made.

What’s great about Kars for Kamp is that it brings a community to Camp Mount Luther who otherwise would not visit our beautiful site and its facilities. We are very grateful to Donna and Dan for all the work they do, the volunteers they recruit, and for being great neighbors to us!

We hope you’ll join us for this year’s Kars for Kamp!!!


The third annual Kars for Kamp to benefit Camp Mount Luther will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2024, from 9:00-3:00 p.m. Rain date is June 9. All cars, streetrods, trucks, jeeps, and bikes are welcome. Registration is 9-12 the day of the event. Pre-enter by 5/28/24 for $15. To register email dbrobst@dejazzd.com. Day of show entry is $20. Spectators are free. Awards will be presented at 2:30 p.m. There will be music, a 50/50 drawing, basket auction, food, and fun.