Preview: 2024 Week 4

By Chad Hershberger

In the third decade of the 21st Century, it is apparent to me that families need some flexibility in their ability to schedule camp. We’ve created a new option that combines an old favorite with some flexible scheduling.

We will celebrate Christmas in July from July 14-19. It’s a favorite of mine that we have done many times in my tenure as director. I love looking at the birth of Jesus in a time of year different than the traditional December. What we usually do is celebrate a few days of “Advent,” preparing for a big celebration toward the end of the week where we have Christmas celebrations. We usually put up a big tree and decorations in Evergreen, do a Christmas Eve-style worship service, and carol around camp. It’s lots of fun.

This year, we have three mini camps going on that week. Our youngest campers will be able to come either from Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday to celebrate with us. Our upper elementary campers can come at the beginning of the week for three days and two nights here. We also will welcome our Service and Leadership Training senior high campers that week as well.

It’s always fun for me to take come video during these celebrations and use post it the week before the actual Christmas. Being reminded of our summertime together late in the year always has meaning for me. It gives a little taste of camp at the closing of the year.

You can still join us for Christmas in July week. If you have not signed up for camp yet, there is still time to do it!