Top Ten Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp Mount Luther This Summer

By Chad Hershberger


If you are of a certain age, you probably remember David Letterman on his late night shows doing his top ten lists. They always proved to be funny and were a mainstay of his humor in both his NBC and CBS shows.


I thought it might be fun, in the Letterman spirit, to do a Top Ten list of reasons you should send your child to Camp Mount Luther this summer. So, here we go….

     1. Kids get to experience new things, like looking for our famous camels in our woods.
     2. New friends are made, often for life!
     3. You get to unplug from technology and play in nature.
     4. More confidence and independence are often outcomes of a camp experience.
     5. You can sit around a campfire, eat S’mores, and sleep under the stars.
     6. We have a pool.
     7. You can show off your talents at our campfire programs.
     8. We welcome everyone!
     9. We give safe space to explore your faith and grow closer to God.
     10. A pretty good brunch on Wednesdays!

I hope you will come to camp this summer! More information on our summer programs for 2024 can be found here.