ASEs/Team Building Activities

ASE’s – Usually on the first day of camp we do some challenges together to start forming a community within your cabin group, so we included a few we thought you could do at home!

Minefield – Using paper plates or drawing circles with chalk (at camp you can use the dots), make a grid for the minefield. Usually the grid is four dots wide and at least 5 dots long. Someone has to plan or draw a secret course through the minefield and as players attempt to cross, they yell “BOOM” if the wrong dot is stepped on. At the sound of “BOOM”, the camper must leave the mine field and let the next player attempt to cross. When crossing the minefield you cannot skip dots, you must step onto a dot that touches the one you are on (diagonally included depending on the rules of the round). Players take turns trying to cross and the team must work together to guess and remember the path through the minefield. Once the whole team successfully crosses, a new secret path is made. Each new round can be made more difficult by adding rules like:  round 1 you can only step forwards, left, and right; round 2 you can now also step backwards; round three you can also step diagonally (including backwards).

Trust Obstacle Course – using things found around your house, build an obstacle course indoors or outdoors! If you have someone else to guide you through the obstacle course, you can do it blindfolded – this requires lots of trust, just like Abraham and Sarah had to trust God to lead them where he promised.