Created to Be Disciples

By Jessica Davis (from our Summer Curriculum)

Today, we look at the Day 4 scripture from this year’s summer curriculum, “Created to be.”

Matthew 11:28–30

On day 4, campers will learn that being a disciple (a Greek word meaning “student”) of Jesus means never being alone. Jesus sends his Spirit to always be with us and also gives us the gift of each other so that we can serve together, as well as encourage and support one another as a family of faith.

Candle Time: Light a candle or turn on a flameless candle. Discuss how your family best shows up to support one another. Identify one concrete way that each family member feels they could be more supported. You may want to sing ELW 752, “Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying.”

Activity: Write or draw on a piece of paper something you feel bad about (this can be kept private or shared). With parental help, burn the papers until they are completely consumed, or tear the paper into little bits and throw the bits away. Remind one another that Jesus helps us deal with all our struggles and forgives all our sins.

Expanding Horizons: Identify someone in your church who is carrying a heavy emotional load right now. Explain that you learned about yokes at camp and how the stole you made represents the yoke that Jesus uses to share our burdens. Let that person borrow the stole you made at camp until they are feeling better.