Day 4: Mary (Camp at Home)

Mary was very likely a young, unmarried teenager when an angel told her she would have a baby, God’s son, and name him Jesus. Nothing is impossible with God. God is with us, even in seemingly impossible situations. Try the ideas that fit your family the best.

  • Candle Talk: Light a candle and share stories about angels in your life. Talk about times when you were afraid, when everything seemed impossible. How did you get through? Who were your angels?
  • Activity: Expectant women and new moms need lots of love, care, and support. Talk with your family about how you might support women who are expecting babies through birth or adoption.
  • Connect: Make simple angel ornaments and deliver them to people in your life who have been angelic for you and helped you navigate a seemingly impossible situation.
  • Around the World: Human trafficking is on the rise and women and children are the primary victims. Learn about the impact of human trafficking on your community and state. Pray for detectives, law enforcement teams, victims, and survivors.
  • Twin Drawing:  Assign the group into pairs, then have one camper draw a simple picture (challenge them to keep it thematic to today’s focus on Mary) without letting their partner see it. When the artists are finished, the partner has to draw the same picture using only verbal instructions from their teammate. The teammate gives clues to help their partner draw the same picture without saying exactly what it is. Then the partners can compare drawings. Try it again with the roles reversed.