Job Applicant #3: Shepherds

By Chad Hershberger

This is the third in a series of writings about Christmas characters and their likely camp jobs.

So far, we explored what camp job Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, and Mary, Jesus’ mother, might excel at. Today, I will continue our look at the qualities of four main characters of the Christmas story and why they might make good camp staff members.

We had a bunch of men and women from Bethlehem sent in applications. They all applied for the same job, so it’s good we have multiple positions to fill. They are hardworking and possess professional training and work in the sheep herding business. Some of them have more experience than others, but they all have at least a year under the belt.

It was fascinating to me that most of them told me in their interview about how one night, they were out working in their field and angels appeared, telling them about an incredible birth nearby. The savior of the world had been born! They left there with haste to see this child. As they told this story, I couldn’t believe it, but they were talking about the child of the applicant I described in our last blog post. Their lives were changed because of their encounter with the Christ Child!

I checked references and I heard good reports about this rag-tag group of shepherds. Everyone I talked to said the sheep were well taken care of and that they were all good at getting the sheep where they needed to be on time. I talked to a local veterinarian, and she told me that the sheep were healthy and well fed.

As I ponder what job might be good for the shepherds, I can see some strength in their leadership and their ability to take care of their flock. I can sense that they are good at seeing what the sheep need and making sure those needs are met. They are also dependable and do a good job keeping a lot of sheep together and on task.

After praying about it, I’ve decided we will offer counselor positions to all the shepherds. They have the training and gifts to take care of our campers, just like they do the sheep in Bethlehem.

Shepherds as our “Christmas Camp” counselors—what do you think?