Job Applicant #4: Three Kings

By Chad Hershberger

This is the final in a series of writings about Christmas characters and their likely camp jobs.

So far, we explored what camp job Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds might excel at camp. Today, I will continue our look at the qualities of four main characters of the Christmas story and why they might make good camp staff members.

I had three people named Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar send in applications. They are looking for part-time work at camp this summer. They have extensive experience, having traveled wide and far. They all seem to be sage men, having lots of wisdom and expertise, particularly in astrology and religious practices.

Deciding to interview all three to see who the best for a position might be, I was fascinated by the stories they told about their travels, particularly to Bethlehem. They were very intent and focused on following one star that guided them. They did not detour from their desired path. On the trip, they explained that they brought gifts along to share with the person whom they were seeking. Just like the shepherds I interviewed before, they were looking for the child who was born to Mary (who is going to be our camp nurse)! They spoke of being priests and told me they are often called “magi,” which I found fascinating.

It was a little harder to check their references, as they did not go back to their hometown after they met the Christ-child. I did found out some traditions say the wisemen were so moved by their encounter with Jesus that they shared the good news of him and converted to Christianity.

As I ponder what job might be good for any one of them, I can see some strengths in our core value of spiritual formation. They have knowledge and experience to help others learn more about Jesus. They seem to be good guides, about to point people to seeing God in their lives. They are persistent, too!

After praying about it, I’ve decided we could use the wisemen as our Chaplains to the Staff. They can be around to help guide our staff in learning more about their faith and pointing them in a good direction. Young adults need to see where God is present in their lives, and I feel the wisemen could do just that.

And so, I’ll be hiring the wisemen as our “Christmas Camp” Chaplains to the Staff. What do you think? I mean, after all, they will be bringing more camels to camp, too!