Preview: 2024 Week 2

By Chad Hershberger

In 1988, after about a twenty-year hiatus, Family Camp returned to the Camp Mount Luther schedule. It was decided that it was time to bring back this program, which was popular in the first decade of the camp’s life but had been taken off the schedule.

As a counselor, I can remember how much staff appreciated Family Camp. Usually, it was in the middle of the summer and gave us a break from our normal routines. Because so many parents were present at camp, we didn’t have as many responsibilities. Some years, we were even given an afternoon off, and we could leave camp! My first experience with Family Camp in 1990 was fun because we had a Hawaiian theme. We carried large cardboard palm trees everywhere and had a lot of fun activities and even a luau.

When I became director, Family Camp enrollment had slipped. We moved it to the end of the summer and utilized alumni to staff it. And we changed it from a full week to a half week.

Numbers increased and at some point, we moved it to the week of the Fourth of July where it has been ever since. That is the case this year, as we host families from June 30- July 3, 2024.

Family camp is a nice vacation, we feel. Food and programming is provided for you. You get to fellowship with other families. Our schedule usually is GROW Time in the morning with peers (adults have their own time away from their kids!) and an all-camp activity. Afternoon is full of electives when families can choose what they want to do. The pool and craft lodge are always open! And we have worship and time for families to play games in the evening.

One of my summer highlights is always the Family Camp Campfire/Talent Show on Tuesday night. Family members get to share their gifts as we gather around a campfire. I always like seeing what talents are shared. It’s a fun evening!

We wrap up on noon on Wednesday. We close our time together with worship and review the themes we learned about throughout the week.

This year, we are also offering a day camp during Family Camp. Kids, youth, and adults can come and be part of camp for a day that week. And, as part of the week, we are going to all solve a big camp mystery!

If you have not signed up for camp yet, there is still time to do it!