Dinner Devotions- Day 2

Take a moment to recall what happened in today’s story with Joseph. Do you remember what was discussed? Do you remember what Joseph’s life was like before he ended up in Egypt? You could say Joseph had a good and comfortable/ easy lifestyle before he was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brother’s and had to put his faith in God and God’s plan for him. Joseph trusted the plan God had in store for him and ended up being the right hand man to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Something bad at the time turned into something good all because Joseph had faith in God. Now, keeping in mind the story of Joseph, pay attention to what happens in the following story…

There once was a carrot named Carter. He waited around alllllll day and alllllll week with all of the other carrots and vegetables in the fridge of the Smith Family. He wanted to be included and be eaten like all the other vegetables but was left sitting there, worrying if he would ever see the light of the kitchen instead of the darkness of the fridge. Eventually, he was no longer wanted to be eaten by the Smith’s and was thrown into the compost bin with all of the other veggies. He was so sad that he never saw his moment of stardom on a lunch plate. He sat there thinking and thinking and thinking about how he could no longer do anything. He thought to himself “I’m useless!” Carter’s bad times were all a part of God’s plan and Carter eventually realized that he should trust and have faith in God’s plan. Carter, the now rotten carrot in a compost bin, turned into soil for plants and new vegetables to grow in! Just as Joseph had something bad happen that turned into something good, Carter also literally turned something bad into good. God has a plan, even though it may seem impossible at the time. 

As you let the story of Joseph sink into your minds and hearts, Camp Mount Luther would love to see your stories that reflect the story of Joseph. Be as creative as you would like! Tell a story of something bad turning into something good like our example of Carter the carrot!!!

Send your story to cml@campmountluther.org OR make a video on Flipgrid: (code) virtualcml (password) mtluther2020