Dinner Devotions- Day 5

Prayer:   Dear God, thank you for providing us with this new virtual camp experience that we have had over the past week.  Be with us as we take what we have learned and spread your Word like Paul.  Teach us to trust that you have a plan for us even when times are hard.  In your name we pray, Amen

Review: Day 5’s story is Paul, Timothy, Lydia and YOU!  For reference to the story read: Acts 16:1-15 or the SPARK Bible pg. 532

Virtual CML Evaluation Activity:  Fill out this evaluation for your Virtual CML experience:  https://forms.gle/HUYTsk1tEqiuonph6  The first questions are in relation to today’s story and how you are going to take what you learned from it and how you will spread God’s love.  The other questions are similar to the evaluations that campers fill out before they leave camp.  We would appreciate if you would take some time to fill out this form so we can grow our programming.  Thank you for spending this week with us!