Camp as Inspiration

By Chad Hershberger Create a dictionary. That’s what Diane Hallinan told her seventh grade students one day. It was their next project in reading class. The students did many interactive and creative activities to demonstrate their learning with Mrs. Hallinan. And she gave them freedom to pick their topic. Mrs. Hallinan instructed her students to […]

Snowmen, Jesus and Baptism

By Chad Hershberger   Earlier this month, we celebrated the Baptism of our Lord. It comes around every year, right after Christmas and the Day of Epiphany. It’s the day the church commemorates John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River. This year, I was reminded of a Sunday School lesson I did years […]

Job Applicant #4: Three Kings

By Chad Hershberger This is the final in a series of writings about Christmas characters and their likely camp jobs. So far, we explored what camp job Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds might excel at camp. Today, I will continue our look at the qualities of four main characters of the Christmas story and why […]