Two Roads

By Jim Vitale Two roads lie before you. Which road will you walk? That’s the question Jesus poses in Mark 8:27-9:1. The first road leads to Caesarea Philippi, the city that Jesus and his disciples pass in this story. To first-century eyes, Caesarea Philippi would have been a sight to behold. During the early first-century, […]

The Cosmic War

By Jim Vitale Nothing grows that sin has not withered. Nothing lives that sin has not killed. Nothing gleams that sin has not tarnished. God looked upon creation and saw a blight stretching its diseased hand over all things. Sin, like a cancer, growing so deep into the world no scalpel could cut it out […]

Penitence? No thanks!

By Jim Vitale What is the point of Lent? This is a question I come back to year after year. Why do we observe this dour season of reflection? So this year I did some research. Lent has been around almost as long as Christianity itself. Early on, people who desired baptism into the Christian […]

To Heal the World

By Jim Vitale There’s a new rabbi in town. They say he cast a demon out of someone this morning, and now he’s staying at Simon and Andrew’s house. When I heard about it I headed over there myself to see what was going on. By the time I got there, a large crowd was […]