We are one

By Jim Vitale Are we one? When you take a look around our world do you see unity? I don’t need to say much about our current political landscape. It’s hard to see how we could be any more divided than we already are in this country. But what if we look to the church? […]

Love is Seeing

By Jim Vitale For a little while in seminary, my church held a yoga class in their fellowship hall once a week. having anxiety and being far from limber, I thought it would be good for me. I had never done yoga before and frankly I was a little wary. I was skeptical of yogic […]

Where do you live?

By Jim Vitale Where do you live? How long have you been there? What’s it like? Where I live, the walls are as thick as I can build them. They are mostly solid stone, except where there are holes straight through. I hold these walls up all by myself, and I spend most of my […]

The Good Shepherd

By Jim Vitale One day, Jesus and his disciples were walking along when they saw a blind man sitting on the side of the road. They found out that the man had been born blind and immediately the disciples started debating. “Who sinned,” they pondered, “that caused this man to be born blind?” As their […]