2024 Work Day!

By Chad Hershberger Another Camp Mount Luther Work Day is coming up soon and it has me thinking a bit about the history of this tradition. The first Camp Mount Luther work day was held May 20, 1989. Following my first summer as counselor at Camp Mount Luther I attended my first work day just […]

Right or Wrong?

Let’s play … RIGHT! OR! WRONG!!! And now, here’s your host… Jimmmmm Vitaleeeeeeeee!!! “Hey there folks! This the show Right or Wrong? where I give you a scenario and you tell me if its right or wrong. Easy enough right? There’s no grand prize because, frankly, there are no winners! Ready to play? Alright. Here […]

Camp as Calling

By Chad Hershberger When I was about eight years old, one Sunday during Sunday School, we heard a presentation about Camp Mount Luther. I knew that kids from my church in Lewistown had gone there before. I don’t remember much about the presentation, but my interest was piqued. For weeks, one of our Sunday School […]